#BrainSustainability #MensPublica #PeoplenotData

The Sapient Society is an initiative aiming at addressing the global cognitive crisis. We, humans, are destroying our cognitive skills just as we are exploiting to dead ends our planet.

Deep crises of economic inequality and climate change are already under the spotlight. But an emerging major concern is still deprived of public awareness: the attention economy, driven by few young yet powerful tech platforms, is massively polluting our brains.

20 years ago, Internet was synonymous of progress with an infinite access to knowledge and information. But it has quickly been concentrated around very few digital enclosures where we, users, are compelled to produce continuouslypersonal data under the control of tech giants. Individuals just become a tiny link in the big data value chain. In the digital economy, technological progress and social progress are always more decorrelated.

We find ourselves at a moment of both great danger and opportunity. In the current global political climate, where polarization of beliefs and conflict between worldviews are growing, Mankind needs to invest massively in its future. But we will not be able to imagine another system unless we protect our ability to think critically, to reinvent new imaginaries, to create alternative visions of the world. To do so, we need to develop a collective approach centered on privacy, intellectual biodiversity, a true individuation process and autonomy for everyone

Our mission consists in helping create this conversation in order to preserve Brain Sustainability by: 1/raising awareness about the cognitive skills damages caused by the data-driven attention economy model; 2/promoting a Mens Publica, an ecosystem fueled by cognitive and ethical sustainability. Democracy and our freedom depend on it.

At the Sapient Society, we are proud to welcome freethinkers and pioneers who are willing to question our times and build with us the next system.